Jordi Prenafeta

Art de frontera

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Description of the work

The graphic work Fugitius by the artist and poet Jordi Prenafeta.

Printed size: 30 x 21 cm. Digital printing on craft paper. Year: 2017.

Espai Cavallers Gallery.


Frontier Art is the first solo exhibition by the artist and writer from Lleida, Jordi Prenafeta, who, through visual poetry, verses, music, installation and video, proposes a polyhedral reflection on political and physical borders i mentals that ens empresonen.

It is a graphic series of visual poems about the border drama, in which, mitigating typography and digital collage, I explore the subversive semantic possibilities of the concatenation of the characters of the creu and the ratlla as an iconic and conventional representation of political borders in els maps, with the purpose of offering a now playful and transcendent reflection on the absurd limitations and contradictions inherent to all physical or mental borders.

Frontera is a term that designates a term, that is to say, a mot that designates a limit, an imaginary line on pretesament s'acaba something. But you sew them but they don't end up so easily with a ratlla on top.

In reality, just the opposite happens: a border is always the lloc with something beginning. I start not past the limit ençà or enllà, but at the mateix limit. Perquè tot límit is a creep of overcoming, and tota border is an invitation to cross it.


For more information on the work Fugitius by the artist Jordi Prenafeta, at Espai Cavallers.

Artist biography

Jordi Prenafeta

Jordi Prenafeta, of origin and residence in Lleida. Espai Cavallers Gallery.


Catalan philology. UDL

Theory of literature and comparative literature. UAB

Artist and poet.


He belongs to the generation of poets who gave us their debut by reciting at the L’Horiginal bar in Barcelona, ​​where his first show ´Poeta i pelacanyes.´ was born.

You will find him reciting on stages but also in squares and streets, in small festivals but also bars, folk houses, vindictive events, social events, art exhibitions and cultural activities.

In 2014 I won the Poetry Slam of Lleida several times and in 2019 he won the award for the best original poem at the 1st Poetic Recitation Award of the Segrià (others will remember me for the poem “Dictatorship”). All in all, about fifteen anthologies of poetry and narrative collect texts and musicians of the stature of David Esterri, Jordi Viladomat and Sissa Viva with whom he has set poems to music.


Visual work: collages, photography and, above all, visual poetry. He has participated with photos and visual poems in some collective exhibitions, and has collaborated with graphic and literary work in various magazines, newspapers and publications.


For more information on the artist Jordi Prenafeta, at Galeria Espai Cavallers.

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