The Espai Cavallers gallery opened its doors in November 2004, in the heart of the Historic Center of Lleida, with the aim of promoting and disseminating the work of artists of contemporary art in a line that goes from figuration to abstraction pictorial and other expressions of contemporary art.

The Espai Cavallers Gallery represents the work of more than 50 artists, whose artworks have shaped the identity of the Gallery since its inception. This has allowed Espai Cavallers to have a wide collection of art by artists who are part of the history of the Gallery.

Around 10 exhibitions are scheduled each year, both individually and collectively, with the participation of both artists from the Gallery and new artists, with the aim of offering our visitors a wide selection of current artistic production.

The direction of the gallery

Has always had the will to adapt to a global and changing society to bring contemporary art to anyone with concerns and sensitivity to art.

We show this through our passion for creation and talent either through established and established artists as accepting the risk and uniqueness of young artists. We defend the individual value of each and believe in the value of diversity and the richness of the various artistic languages.

We like to collaborate with artists who trust our work and whom we want to support in their creative process so that once completed they can be shown in our gallery space and on our website through the online sales service.

Our customers are also very important to us, we seek their trust, which is essential for satisficing their art shopping experience and so that we can meet their expectations.

We are also linked to the city and the territory collaborating with the institutions and the various cultural associations of the city of Lleida. In addition to the exhibitions, we organize numerous activities related to creation, art and culture

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