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The artist Rosa Torres Molina is a painter and engraver. He was born in Valencia in 1948.

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His work is free from false pretensions, and throughout his long career he has remained faithful to a personal and unmistakable language. From its beginnings, it has always based painting on real images, be they landscapes, wild animals and / or classical compositions.

He studied Baccalaureate and Teaching in Bilbao. Towards the end of the 60's he returned to Valencia to study Fine Arts, where he quickly began to interact with the most avant-garde artists of the time: Juan Antonio Toledo, Equip Crónica, Equip Realidad, Jordi Teixidor etc.

His influences include Pop Art, Op Art and Impressionism.

In his early years he addressed the issues through a pictorial procedure that approaches the gestural abstraction that evolves towards a greater synthesis of shapes and colors by reducing any anecdotal element by the synthesis of the image, the use of the flat inks of vivid tones and the prominence of the black line.

Series work has been a constant throughout his work since the early 1970s.

He has produced more than a hundred editions of graphic works, including engravings, serigraphs, posters, book covers and various objects that testify to his interest in serial art. Part of them collected in “Rosa Torres, 1972/2000, Obra gráfica y varios”, catalog published by Caixa Rural de Torrent, in 2001.

From the early 70's until 2008 he regularly exhibited at the Galeria Sen in Madrid Archived 2018-05-05 at Wayback Machine. and has regularly worked with various Spanish art galleries in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian.

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