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Private: Rosa Galindo

Rosa Galindo, Barcelona, ​​1962.

Espai Cavallers Gallery


Rosa Galindo's works are dreamy images that represent an imaginary world. Experimenting with the possibilities of different techniques and materials, using the reverse painting procedure in Plexiglas, which allows you to play with transparencies and opacities.

They are an allegory that reflect our presence as individuals in an imaginary universe. His work reflects a philosophical idea that seeks to understand humanity's place in the world.

This reflects his great energy and gestural quality using impetuous and broad gestures and adding layers of paint that he works and retouches with his brushes, palettes and often with his hands.

The objects appear as if floating on the background of his painting. These images often suggest meditation and personal reflection.

Visible brush strokes and vigorously applied pigments are visible signs of Rosa Galindo's working process: some quintessential qualities of the Action Painting style.



2020 Art Madrid.Pigment Gallery.

2020 Libri Controcorrente. Seggion-Paganello. bologna

2019 LA Art Show. Pigment Gallery.

2019 ST_ART Strasbourg. Pigment Gallery.

2019 PRINT Fair. Pigment Gallery. Madrid

2019 Grand Art Milano Fine Art Fair. Pigment Gallery. Milan.

2019 Korea International Art Fair (KIAF). Pigment Gallery. korea

2019 Istanbul art fair. Pigment Gallery. Turkey

2019 Draw Art Fair London. Pigment Gallery. London

2019 Art Market. Pigment Gallery. London

2019 Kunst Rai Art. Pigment Gallery. Amsterdam, Holland.

2019 Art Paris Art Fair. Pigment Gallery. Paris

2019 LA Art Show.Pigment Gallery.Los Angeles, USA

2018-2019 Exhibition "Esto no es un jardín" in Palau Riquer Sabaté in Barcelona. Pigment Gallery. Spain

2018 ST-ART Strasbourg 2018. Pigment Gallery. France

2018 ART BODENSEE 2018. Pigment Gallery. Dornbim, Austria.

2018 UTOPIA MARKETS 2018. Las Flores del mal. Installation Rosa Galindo and Manuel Granados

2015 EURANTICA 2015. Miquel Alzueta Gallery. Brussels.

2015 ART MADRID. Miquel Alzueta Gallery. Madrid

2014 NAMUR 2014. Miquel Alzueta Gallery. Namur, Belgium.

2014 "Flowers of Rosa Galindo". Miquel Alzueta Gallery. Barcelona

2014 EURANTICA 2014. Miquel Alzueta Gallery. Brussels.

2014 ART MADRID. Miquel Alzueta Gallery. Madrid

2013 "Unique Piece". Miquel Alzueta Gallery. Barcelona

2013 "Art and Friends". G. Santa Magdalena Sofia. Barcelona

2012 "Rosa Galindo Exhibition". Barna Giclee. Sarria Barcelona

2011 "Inauguration" Gallery of the Merchant of Venice.

2010 "Summer 10". TCN "Summer 10" party at the "Mas de Torrent".

2009 "Postcards". Punto-Arte Gallery. Barcelona

2008 JPB Gallery. Saint Tropez.

2007 "BCN 3 times BCN". Punto-Arte Gallery. Barcelona

2007 "Stationary". Punto-Arte Gallery. Barcelona

2006 "Contents". Punto-Arte Gallery. Barcelona

2005 "Back to Basics". Punto-Arte Gallery. Barcelona

2005 "10 Imaginary Covers". Punto-Arte Gallery. Barcelona

2005 "Quixot-tarium". Punto-Arte Gallery. Barcelona

2004 "11 days". Punto-Arte Gallery. Barcelona


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