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Núria Guinovart

Núria Guinovart, 1961

Espai Cavallers Gallery

Sculpture studies at the Llotja de Barcelona, ​​engraving with Joan Barbarà and ceramics.

Cement is the material he uses as the basis of his paintings, it provides textures and glazes that enrich the process and stimulate creativity.

From this work, he finds in other disciplines such as ceramics and engraving, new dimensions that generate enriching feedback.

With an extensive track record of both exhibitions and awards, mostly in Catalonia.

Sala Parés, Sala d'Art Maragall, Palau Moja, Ambit Art Gallery, Galeria Ignacio de Lassaletta, Santa Mònica Arts, Antoni Pinyol Gallery, Artara Gallery, Giart Gallery, Tinta Invisible, La Scocesa, Seventa Espai d'Art, Gallery Sennacheribbo, AB Gallery, Patrick Domken Gallery, among others...

In 2009 he held his first exhibition at Sala Parés, years later he became part of the group of artists at the gallery. For more information about the artist Núria Guinovart at Espai Cavallers Gallery

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