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Private: Montse Pelejà Vidal

Montse Pelejà Vidal
The artist Montse Pelejà Vidal, Reus, 1964. Born and raised in the Baix Camp. Linked to the Priorat where she spent long and unforgettable summers and has lived for more than 30 years in the Ribera d’Ebre with her beloved family.

Degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona. (1989).

Espai Cavallers Gallery

Postgraduate degree in Cultural Management from the UOC (2008)

Dynamic Arts Worker of the Ribera d’Ebre at the Center for Regional Studies (2009)

Professor of Art History at the School of Art and Design of Móra la nova (2010-2016)

Owner of the Groc Espai d’Art workshop (Móra d’Ebre) where I have been teaching drawing and painting since 2000.


Although his professional vocation was more inclined towards the world of science, he accidentally came across Art History and graduated from the University of Barcelona.

Knowing the theory of art brought him closer to his practice of experimenting and learning, until he discovered his passion: painting flowers.

Feminine, sensual, colorful, natural and decorative flowers that remind us that the purpose of art is to contemplate it.

In the form of more complex prints, bouquets or compositions, my flowers, with their organic shapes, play with chromaticism and are inspired by the murals of the classical era and the exotic embroidery of other times.

A sweet decay that accompanies us and warns that everything is ephemeral.


Group exhibitions:

1992 Exhibition Hall, Vinebre

1994 Julio Antonio Room, Móra d’Ebre

1995 Exhibition hall Bulevard de Móra, Móra d’Ebre

1997 Exhibition Hall, Miravet

2021 Sala Constantí Art Gallery, Reus

2021 Blue Frame Gallery, Barcelona

I have work in:

Canada, USA, France, England, Spain, South Korea, Italy, Mexico, Malaysia and, of course, Catalonia.

For more information on the artist Montse Pelejà Vida, in Espai Cavallers Gallery

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