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Marta Moreu

The artist Marta Moreu is a Catalan sculptor born in Barcelona in 1961.

Espai Cavallers Gallery

In 1985 she graduated in Fine Arts with a degree in sculpture from the University of San Jordi in Barcelona.

From that moment on, he began to make his sculptural work, although during the first years he devoted a lot of time to teaching, his other passion. Arofitant to transmit the love for art to students.

He has been living and developing his art all over the world (Barcelona, ​​Minneapolis, Dusseldorf, Paris, Madrid, Miami, Mexico).

His artwork has been marked by all the experiences lived in each place.

For example, his last two years living in Miami have been very important to be able to develop his new series of sculptures based on nature and its four elements.

Her husband and three children have also been instrumental in her creations, they are a constant source of inspiration as well as providing her with unconditional support.

His creations are born of the subconscious and his deepest feelings with the intention of communicating and expressing practically autobiographical and sincerely seeking authenticity.

She is a figurative artist but distortion, movement, weightlessness and symbolism help to create her own imaginary world that escapes reality and gets closer to lyricism.


Throughout her artistic career Marta Moreu has used different materials to make her work, as well as wood, stone, clay and others, but bronze has always been her favorite material.

The nobility, durability and flexibility of bronze have been some of the qualities the artist has chosen.

Bronze allows him to make shapes that could not be made with any other material and allows him to lengthen, bend and weld his figures in sometimes impossible balancing positions.

The colors of his patinas and the rough texture used in his finishes are essential to give more intensity of expression to his work with a certain drama without abandoning this austere and refined style.

Despite the hardness and weight of the material, his sculptures offer a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.


His sculptures have been exhibited in Galleries in the United States (Ketchum, Charlotte, New York, Seattle) Europe (Paris, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Madrid, London, Belgium…) and Canada.

Also at prestigious art fairs such as Strasbourg Art Fair, Ghent Art Fair, Toronto Art Fair, Miami Art Fair, Palm Beach Art Fair, Chicago Art Fair.

It also has public works in the province of Barcelona. Sculpture from Mexico, Miami and Madrid are already a very important part of his great team, in addition to the galleries around the world.

All this will make the next few years continue to be years of travel, learning, inspiration and creation for the sculptor Marta Moreu.


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