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The work of the artist Lita Cabellut (1961, Sariñena, Huesca) focuses on combining more than one technique, in the case of painting. For example, he has combined the earliest and most classic techniques of fresco on the technique of oil painting, among others. The very specific and defined palette allows us to go further in the faces of the protagonists of his works, where they are represented from street people, prostitutes, historical figures, among others.
The main idea and message that the artist Lita Cabellut wants to present with her artistic production is that of the human being as such and his relationship with society, with a very specific message that is transmitted through his paintings. However, although she only talks about her work as a painter, she also does video art, visual poetry, sets, among others.


The artist has exhibited in several solo exhibitions since 2006, here is a selection of his latest exhibitions.


The Victory of Silence, Goya IberCaja Museum, Zaragoza.
Solo exhibition, Opera Gallery, London
Solo exhibition, Singapore Opera Gallery.


Een kroniek van het Oneindige, Jan van der Togt Museum, Amstelveen.
Poetry Never Gives Up, Cascais Cultural Center, Cascais, Portugal.
Lita Cabellut in Seoul, Opera Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.
A Chronicle of the Infinite, Opera Gallery, New York.
The Rossini Project, Dokumentationzentrum, Berlin, Germany.


Retrospective, Espais Volart, Fundació Vila Casas, Barcelona.
Testimony, Gas Natural Fenosa Museum of Contemporary Art, A Coruña.


Army of Poets, Opera Gallery, Paris, France / Hong Kong, China.


Fairy Flowers, Opera Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.
Color of Dew, Opera Gallery, Dubai.
One Artist, Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Günther Zulauf, Karlsruhe, Germany.


Opera Gallery, London, UK.
Miscellaneous, Metropolitan Gallery, Hamburg, Germany.



Biennial Schloss Oraniembaum, Germany.


Naakt of Bloot, Jan Cunen Museum, Oss, Netherlands.


A Chronicle of the Infinite, Opera Gallery, New York, USA.
Masterly The Hague, The Hague.
Charlie Chaplin. A Vision, YUZ Museum, Shanghai, China.
Women artists today, European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona.

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