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Laura Bofill

Laura Bofill, painter, born in Barcelona in 1983.

He completed his studies in a range of international universities, such as Barcelona, New York, London and Dublin.

Espai Cavallers Gallery


She has studied in different artistic modalities, among others: film director, graphic designer, photography, textile designer, ceramics and painting. After having all these different experiences, studying different techniques, he decided to focus on what he liked most, combining painting and photography, creating depth and vitality through the surface of acrylic resin in each of his works.

After completing his studies at university, he began working in his family studio, where he learned to work with new materials such as resin until now. He has exhibited in different galleries throughout Europe, such as Sweden, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Spain and France, as well as in North Africa, for example Morocco. At the same time he has presented his artworks in different international art fairs, such as the Shanghai art Fair China, Fresh art fair Cheltenham, England, Affordable Art Fair of Stockholm, Buy Art Fair of Manchester, Affordable Art Fair of Amsterdam , Art Madrid Fair, Luxembourg art Fair Affordable art fair London Battersea...

Laura Bofill comes from one of the famous families of artists in Barcelona and art determined her life, she is the daughter of Josep Bofill, the Catalan artist whose sculptures are sought after by collectors and museums.

Laura Bofill's images are as unique as they are fascinating.


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