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Jordi Bresolí

Jordi Bresoli
The artist Jordi Bresolí was born in Lleida on December 13, 1980.

Espai Cavallers Gallery

He studied artistic baccalaureate at the Màrius Torres high school. He then moved to Tàrrega to study the intermediate and advanced degree modules in artistic forging and sculpture at the Ondara school. When finishing the school it decides still to be totally with the painting.

In its first stage it focuses on a more realistic type of language, using oil painting working from glazes. As it evolves it leaves behind all the more figurative aspect and focuses on the study of new materials in a more abstract expressionist field. This whole stage of new experiments and research will finally lead him to work with a series of more natural materials. It uses pigments based on earth, clays, oxides, etc ... and developing a purely geometric language.

"In a work, not only the intention and the visual aspect is important, but also the base in which the work is painted, like the materials that are used in her. Against purer the base, against purer are the materials and the way the work is displayed, the higher, more accessible and healing the vibration will be towards the spectator "


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