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Gregorio Iglesias Mayo, trained in Lleida, and soon he exhibed his work in Paris where he succeeded with the work “Com a gos mullat”.

Espai Cavallers Gallery

Gregorio, always committed to painting, has been defined by some critics as existentialist or neo-expressionist and linked to a bittersweet feeling that produces the need to paint or feel part of the painting.

Thus, his work cannot be separated from his experiences as he is an intrinsically emotional artist who is interested in the constant experience, the novelties and the emotions that give him his travels and his day to day. His works are always marked by his own sensations, which he shapes with a firm stroke of his brush in his work. His technique is markedly gestural and moves between figuration and abstraction

Each series of works leads the viewer to feel a whole accumulation of different and universal sensations and feelings

One of his latest major projects is the creation of a monumental 400-square-meter canvas on display in the turbine room of the former Peenemünde war machine factory. In this place the prototypes of Hitler's war machinery were designed and manufactured at the expense of the forced labor of thousands of prisoners in extreme, enslaved conditions. Today, Peenemünde is a history museum that serves the culture of world peace

Gregorio Iglesias Mayo, with this work wanted to rewrite the cruel past according to his words: "print the story transmitted to me by the objects I was finding"

Already in 2013 this artist painted in the middle of the path of La Vinya dels Artsites the work "Between Heaven and Earth": an impressive mural of 60 meters and 5 meters and a half wide created daily for almost two months outdoors painting night and day, under inclement weather whether it was snow or rain, also subject to the interactions of field work and terrain reliefs. The result is a titanic work, completely linked to the territory of Les Garrigues, with strong dreamlike notes and great personal symbolism.

His other series are: the dogs, the landscapes of Les Garrigues, the interior of the Parisian metros that evokes them in a tunnel of life, the bookshops. His particular language always refers us to the great masters to whom he always pays homage.

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