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Andreu Buenafuente

The artist and communicator Andreu Buenafuente
January 24, 1965, Reus. Tarragona.
Espai Cavallers Gallery

In addition to being one of the great communicators and humorists of reference in the country, he also has an extensive artistic career.

He experiments and enjoys different disciplines of the plastic arts, from painting to illustration, including photography.
Andreu has a special relationship with art, it is a world in which he has immersed himself and every day he tries to refine the line, the technique, the concept.
Andreu's work is based on his inner world and his thoughts, which he tries to illustrate.

In the publishing field, he has published his first book of illustrations 'No entiendo nada' (Reservoir Books, 2015) and 'Reír es la única salida' (*Harper *Collins, 2020), or collaborations as a cartoonist in the New York Times. Even so, through the last exhibitions in which he has participated, we begin to discover a more abstract painter Buenafuente, where the form loses in favor of color and experimentation. Paul *Klee, *Ígor *Kandinsky or Joan Miró compose a range of influences among which, presumably, has been inspired by the painter who defines himself as 100% self-taught.

“The path of art is long but very beautiful. When you manage to express a feeling with art, the pleasure is incomparable, magical, almost eternal”.
—Andreu Buenafuente

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