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A symphony for two

Laura Iniesta


Main features

Description of the work

The artwork A symphony for two by the artist Laura iniesta

Technique: Watercolour

Dimensions: 50 x 40 cm

Galeria Espai Cavallers

More information about the artwork A symphony for two by the artist Laura iniesta at our Instagram @galeriaespaicavallers

Artist biography

Laura Iniesta

Laura Iniesta was born in Barcelona in 1955.

Espai Cavallers Gallery

He studied Art in this city and his first exhibitions were also in Barcelona.

She has exhibited and lived for a long time in South America, during which she was struck by the exuberance of its tropics and this experience is reflected in her work.

There he had the opportunity to make it known and share experiences with great names in contemporary painting such as Oswaldo Guayasamín and Viteri, among others.

Years later, her Mediterranean temperament brought her back to Barcelona, ​​where she definitely set up her studio and from where she worked for multiple exhibitions and projects at national and international level.

Gestural, material, direct and elegant, he permanently explores the capacity for visual impact, the sense of balance of color and shapes.

He exhibits his work in galleries and foundations in the United States, Denmark, Germany, Holland, France, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Saudi.

Arabia and China.

His best-known monumental works are the three murals created at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai, on buildings designed by award-winning architect Ieoh Ming Pei.

His pictorial work, completely contemporary, has an enormous aesthetic force and a great ability to shake the viewer, leaving no one indifferent.

The Vila Casas Foundation, the Bassat Collection of Contemporary Art or the Ernesto Ventós Collection contain a significant number of pieces by Laura Iniesta.

His most recent exhibitions include: “Bassat Art Contemporani Collection” at Fundació Cajasol (Seville), “ALKIMIA” at Galerie K in Staufen.

(Germany), “THE ART AND THE KINGDOM” at the “Made in ART GALLERY” in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), “TRADUCTIONS” at Gallery K (Barcelona)

and “DUBAI MEETS THE WORLD” at the Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), among others.


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