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Perico Pastor was born in La Seu d'Urgell in 1953 and is a painter, draftsman and illustrator.

Espai Cavallers Gallery


Her work is of an absolute plastic lyricism connected mostly to everyday themes and to the treatment of the human body, mainly the female. He has exhibited in many passages on different continents, gathering a lot of followers among all those people who do not seek in art fidelity to a doctrine, but the spontaneity of feelings. Although he currently resides in Barcelona, ​​he has lived in different parts of the world. He lived for 12 years in New York, where he published his illustrations in Harper’s, in Village Voice, Vogue, and especially in The New York Times. These Collaborations allowed him to investigate without urgency on his work. In 1980 he exhibited for the first time, at the Cornelia Street Cafe, and in 1983 he exhibited for the first time at the Estampa fair in Madrid. From then until 1989, he combined illustration and painting in New York and Barcelona. He has exhibited in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Granada, Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Sag Harbor and Miami. In 1993 he was awarded the Morera Medal by Lleida City Council for all his work; in 1997 he received the COE Special Prize at the Biennial of Sport in the Fine Arts. Currently, although he is fully dedicated to painting, he also collaborates with different media and teaches in New York. His work is in some of the thousands of public and private collections around the world.


The artist Perico Pastor has exhibited and participated in various exhibitions and art fairs around the world, here are his latest exhibitions.


La Nave Gallery, Valencia.

Riberaygua Art Gallery, Andorra.

Coffee. Textile Coffee. Barcelona.


Elvira González Gallery, Madrid.
Pergamon Gallery, Barcelona.
Marcart Gallery, Olot, (Girona).

Palacio de Abrantes, Universidad de Salamanca.


Jaume Morera Perico Pastor Art Museum. The enlightened Bible.


Andorra Tobacco Museum Chapters. Perico Pastor.


Cervantes Institute of Beijing, Xi'an-Barcelona-Beijing: Paper roads, rivers of ink.


1993- Morera Medal of Lleida City Council for all his work

1997- Special prize of the Spanish Olympic Committee in the Biennial of the Sport in the Beautiful Arts.

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