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Pep Fajardo
The artist Pep Fajardo was born in 1961, and graduated from the Massana School in Barcelona.

Espai Cavallers Gallery

His work began being linked to the found object. Over time, he has accomplished both a formal and conceptual sculptural refinement in search of the poetic object. He has also made engraving, drawing, photography and pictorial work, this one also including various materials such as iron and wood, thus forming a feedback circle with his sculptural work. He usually uses wood, iron, cloth, paper, steel cables, threads, ropes, glass, lead, aluminum, photography, optical lenses, light ... thus creating material counterpoints that he joins together to arrive at the object unit he seeks.

Since 1989 he has exhibited his work in more than 40 individual exhibitions in galleries such as Galería Maeght (2002-1998-1997) in Barcelona, ​​Galería Raquel Ponce in Madrid (2004-2000-1997), Galería Nuble (JosédelaFuente) in Santander ( 2008), Art Center (2007-2005-2003-2001-2000-1998) in Barcelona, ​​Greca (1991) in Barcelona and MATB de Cardedeu, Barcelona (2006), Caja Terrassa Fundación Cultural (1991) in Barcelona, ​​Galería Pilar Riberaygua de Andorra la Vella (2015), Huis Voor Beeldende Kunst Gallery. Utrecht. Holland (1996). He exhibits and collaborates regularly with the Vallgrassa art center. Center Experimental de les Arts, in the Garraf Natural Park, Begues, Barcelona. He has also held more than 80 group exhibitions.


He has participated in national and international fairs such as "ARCO" with Galería Nuble (Josédelafuente) in Santander and with Novo Século in Lisbon (2012-1998-1997-1996), "JustMad", with Galería Nuble (Josédelafuente) in Santander (2011) , "Arte Santander" with Galería Nuble (Josédelafuente) in Santander (2010-2008), "Estampa" with Galería Raquel Ponce in Madrid (2000-1994), "Interarte" with Art Collection in Barcelona (1995-1994), "ArtExpo "with Galería Art Center in Barcelona (2001-2000-1999-1996)," Hot Art "with Galería Nuble (Josédelafuente) in Santander (2009) in Switzerland," ArteLisboa "with Galería Hartmann in Barcelona (2007) in Portugal," Kunst Rai "(1995) in Holland," St'Art "with Galería Art Center de Barcelona (2006)," ArtParis "with Galería Maeght de Barcelona (2001)," ArtéNîm "with Galería Art Center de Barcelona (2000) in France , "FIA" with Galería Miquel Gaspar de Barcelona in Venezuela (1998) and "Circa" with Galería Raquel Ponce de Madrid (2008) in Puerto Rico.

He has also carried out public projects in Spain, Italy and South Korea.
Arnau Puig, Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Maria Lluïsa Borràs, Josep Maria Cadena, José Corredor-Matheos, Marcos Ricardo Barnatán, Javier Hontoria and Conxita Oliver have written texts about his work, both in the catalog and in the press.

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