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Fotografia de Josep Maria Cazares
Josep Maria Cazares is a graphic artist, born in 1958 in San Vicenç del Castellet (Bages).

Espai Cavallers Gallery

The artist Josep Maria Cazares, enters the world of graphic creation through the door of the comic. He has published in the newspapers Segre and Nou Diari and in the magazine El Víbora. He is professionally dedicated to graphic design and illustration —he has published works at Editorial Planeta, Mamagraf, Man, Jazzology, La Confidencial, among others. He has participated in about fifty exhibitions between groups and individuals, and national and international. Awarded as an illustrator in various competitions, he has not stopped exploring other fields, such as painting, screen printing or comic scripts, and has made album and book covers, magazine design, posters, corporate image and storyboards. for the cinema.

He has published three comic albums, El secret de la diadema, written by Josep Ramon Jové; 1936 Memòria d'un estiu, with Miquel Àngel Bergés, and La caiguda de Lleida, 300 anys, with Josep Vallverdú. To these must be added the graphic novel El Nord (Lleida Narrative Prize 2007), and Checkpoin (to be published in May 2020).

In the field of cultural event management, Josep Maria Cazares has been co-founder of Humoràlia, the International Biennial of Humor of Catalonia and Set de Còmic, production director for three years of the Lleida Latin American Film Festival, of which has designed the image in ten editions. He is the executive producer and graphic designer of Som Cinema, the Catalan Film and Audiovisual Festival and graphic designer for JazzTardor.

He is part of the team of councilors of the Department of Arts and Heritage of the Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs of the Diputació de Lleida.

During the 5th of June and until the 1st of July 2020, the Night exhibition took place at Espai Cavallers Gallery in Lleida.

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