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Inés Vallsfortuny

Inés Vallsfortuny, born and settled in Barcelona.

Galeria Espai Cavallers

Her abstract language is inspired by the elements of nature and the feelings that provoke us.

Life and love, calm and passion. Movement and rest.

Through a style characterized by texture, mixed media on canvas and the use of gold and silver pigments, she seeks precise moments that recreate aerial views of moving oceans, splashing wild beaches, dives into incredible seabeds, the full moon in its most magical phase, amazing pink skies and a neutral palette that evokes eternal pieces of sky.

Her way of working is very close and personal.

She believes that the entire artistic process is a three-way dialogue: what I want to project, what the painting itself conveys through its personality, and the feelings that the piece evokes in the people who look at it.

“When that dialogue flows, it's the most wonderful thing that can happen to me as an artist”

In terms of technique, the use of gold and silver allows the frame to take on very different dimensions that can be seen from three positions. Right, left and front.

Depending on the light that is reflected in the painting at that moment, the sparks are perceived in one way or another, giving movement and life to the work of art.

From pure intuition, without planning anything, she lets her own brushes and palettes guide her to create lively, timeless, exclusive and attractive collections in search of balance and harmony with the environment.

More information about the artist Inés Vallsfortuny at our Instagram @galeriaespaicavallers

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