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Elsa Garate

Elsa Garate, Málaga. artist

Espai Cavallers Gallery


The nomadic subject he proposes is a figure that emphasizes the need to act at the same time at the level of identity, subjectivity, and differences. They are different requirements that correspond to different practices.

Multiplicity appears in a sequence unfolded in multiple layers in which even contradictions can find their place.

Elsa Gárate's life path has always been linked to the world of Art.

After several exhibitions in Málaga at an early age he moved to Barcelona where he studied Art History at the University of Barcelona, Graphic Design and Illustration after which he combined the creation of his Artwork with his dedication to work as Creative and Artistic Director in Advertising and Fashion Producers.

The aim of his work is to provoke emotions, communicate them, share them and therefore create a deep connection with the observer. But they are not just any emotions, they are aesthetic emotions. The magical feeling of aesthetic emotions is a very personal experience because it is the result of your personal connection with a work of art.



His work explores the area between realism and abstraction and finds this combination perfect for his goals.

Emotions are energy and when I paint emotional characters I give them energy and drive to move into action.
Painting gives her the opportunity to create characters with strong feelings and layers of emotional depth, because these stories come from a place of deep emotional truths within her.

In 2010 she located her Studio in Málaga from where she then focused on her Artistic Creation. His work has been exhibited in national and international galleries and his work is part of numerous Private Collections in Europe and the United States

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