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The artist Cristina Blanch (Barcelona, 1966)

Espai Cavallers Gallery

She studied art at ESAG-Académie Julian in Paris in the mid 80s.

The daughter of a father advanced at the time and fashion designer, I learned very soon the value of color and I continue to apply it to my paintings. She remembers understanding the acid colors, the raw colors and the combinations between them from the “tricotoses” (sewing machines) of Igualada when she was very young.

At 23 years old and just arrived from London, where she did a stage in a design studio, she opened a drawing and painting school in the neighborhood of Gràcia. This school has been running until a couple of months ago, when she closed it to open a studio a few streets away.

When he was around 30 he began to exhibit in the gallery of Jordi Barnadas, with whom he continues to collaborate.

During those years she had exhibitions in Madrid, Italy, Hong Kong, Brussels and Moscow.

Her work has gone back and forth, but it is now when she feels more connected. Although she teaches classical drawing and painting, she looks for more immediate and personal pictorial solutions and color treatments.

"Painting is a fascinating journey that never ends, and I feel that I have just begun".

Her characters are women and girls from the past who she tries to bring back to her paintings in a new environment, in a universe of their own, with a certain sadness but also with the joy of a life that is no longer there.

She also tries to make the brushstroke as faithful as possible to her, and those paintings that she likes the most are the ones that are less worked, where the painting is more matter than image.

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