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The work of Carlos Díaz (Barcelona, ​​1968) combines urban scenes with realistic scenes. Open visions that take light as the main visual concept, are treated with a delicate play of lights where the human absence, but not the absence of their steps through these scenarios, is essential. The composition is articulated from the choice of the elements that make up the scene from the nearest to the farthest, with the desire to generate a full and personal vision of the urban world.


2019 Espai Cavallers Gallery, Lleida

2018 Sala Parés, Barcelona Anquin's Gallery, Reus Galerie Artima, Paris

2015 Galerie Artima, Paris Sala Parés, Barcelona

2014 Anquin´s Gallery, Reus Rusiñol Room, Sant Cugat del Vallés, BCN

2013 El Claustre Gallery, Girona

2012 Anquin´s Gallery, Reus Sala Parés, BCN

2011 The Four Art Room, Granollers Mada Primavesi Gallery, Madrid El Carme Gallery, Vic

2010 Sala Parés, BCN L´Arcada Gallery, Blanes

2009 Mada Primavesi Gallery, Madrid El Claustre Gallery, Figueres 

2007 The Four Art Room, Granollers. El Claustre Gallery, Girona

2006 Puchol Gallery, Valencia. Foz Gallery, Sitges. Anquin´s Gallery, Reus

2005 El Claustre Gallery, Girona-Figueres. L´Arcada Gallery, Blanes

2004 Sala Anquin´s, Reus. Galeria Foz, Sitges. The Four Art Room, Granollers

2003 Llucià Homs Gallery, BCN. Juan Amiano Gallery, Pamplona

2002 L´Arcada Gallery, Blanes. Foz Gallery, Sitges

2001 Sala Anquin´s, Reus. The Four Art Room, Granollers

2000 Llucià Homs Gallery, BCN

1993 Galerie am Opernring, Vienna Jaimes Gallery, BCN

1994 Zenhid Gallery, Madrid. Royal Art Gallery, Sabadell

1995 Sala Gabernia, Valencia

1996 Galerias Augusta, BCN

1997 Sala Anquin´s, Reus. Arcade Gallery, Blanes

1998 Foz Gallery, Sitges. The Four Art Room, Granollers

1999 Horrach-Moya Gallery, Palma de Mallorca


He has participated in several group exhibitions, his first being in 1992 at the "ART MIAMI 92" Fair, USA. Here is a selection of his latest group exhibitions by the artist Carlos Díaz.

2019 Art karlsruhe, Germany. Affordable Art Fair, Brussels. Kunst Rai Art, Amsterdam (Netherlands). Art Bodensee, Dornbirn (Austria). Art Marbella. Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Sweden

2018 Art Karlsruhe, Germany. "Verisme plàstic", Liceu de Barcelona. Art Bodensee, Dornbirn (Austria). Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Sweden. ST'ART 2018, Strasbourg, France. "Fragments urbans", Sala Pares, Barcelona

2017 "For real" Art fair, Amsterdam. Art Karlsruhe, Germany. Root Gallery Collective, Berlin. "Avant-garde Realism", El Carme Gallery, Vic. Art bodensee, Dornbirn (Austria). Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam. ST'ART 2017, Strasbourg, France

2016 Art Karlsruhe, Germany. "Urbanitas", Arcade Gallery, Blanes. Affordable Art Fair, Brussels. "Traç", Carme Vic Gallery. Art bodensee, Dornbirn (Austria). Art Fair Cologne, Germany. ST'ART 2016, Strasbourg, France. "Views on Barcelona", Sala Parés, Barcelona

2015 Affordable Art Fair, Brussels. Art Karlsruhe, Germany. "Urban projects", El Quatre Sala d'Art, Barcelona. Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam. ST'ART 2015, Strasbourg, France.

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