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Joanpere Massana is an artist with a BBAA degree in sculpture. Volume Professor and Coordinator of the Volume Department at the Ondara School of Art and Design in Tàrrega (Lleida), Art Minister at the Institut de Estudis Ilerdencs of the Diputació de Lleida.

Espai Cavallers Gallery

Entitled "The Book of Water" Massana marks the beginning of a series that begins its exhibition journey at the Palazzo delle Arti Napoli. To continue at the Jesi Art Gallery (Italy) and other cities in Europe. "The fourth dimension, time, plays an important role where there are countless references to running water and therefore time: footprints of people who have passed or worn stones of running rivers. (...) D on the other hand, the narrative side of Massana's work links him to the original Transvarguarda, a campaign that develops an imaginary between myth and fantasy, often referring to primary interests such as space, time and history. "Julia Draganovic, director of Palazzo of Arts Naples (Italy)

"(...) As a nerve ending, it relates human groups that were otherwise destined to be isolated, transports seeds and pollen, adds cohesion between populations otherwise hostile to each other. water carries languages, eating habits, sumptuous images, technology, forms of expression. - "Loretta Mozzoni, director of the Pinacoteca di Jesi (Italy).


Joanpere Massana has exhibited in numerous individual and group exhibitions:

100 Kubik Gallery in Cologne (Germany), XXS Gallery Aperto a l'Contemporani in Palermo, Palazzo de l'Parco in Diano Marina, Art Gallery in Milan, Raffaella de Chirico Contemporary Art in Tornio (Italy), Lleida Museum, Paris Art Fair MAP Gallery, Château d'Haute Serra in Cahors, Galerie l'Arbre de Lune Uzès (France), Alícia Winters Gallery in Arnhem (Netherlands), Must Gallery in Lunago (Switzerland), Foire d 'Strasbourg, Art Madrid, Gallery Carme Espinet in Barcelona, ​​Espai Guinovart in Agramunt, Art Bodensee in Austria, Artextpo MAPG in New York, Spectrum in Miami (USA), as a short selection.

He also has won numerous art awards and his work is part of important private collections.




Write pictures, paint poetry. Gothic Room. Institute of Ilerdencs Studies. Lleida.


Das Buch der Blumen (The Book of Flowers). 100 Kubik Gallery. Cologne. Germany.

The book of water. Abartium Gallery. Calldetenes - Vic.

Matter and sign. XXS Open to the Contemporary. Palermo. Italy.


The Book of Flowers (Assemblages). The Invisible Ink. Barcelona.

The book of flowers (Assemblages and gratages). Idecor Gallery. Lleida.


Marina Vargas - Joanpere Massana. Palace of the Park. Diano Marina. Italy.

Absences and presences. 8 facilities at Casa Duran i Sanpere. Cervera Museum.


Combinatorial (with Salvador Juanpere. Espai Cavallers Gallery. Lleida.

The books of Joanpere Massana. XXS Open to the Contemporary. Palermo. Italy.


The book of skin. Costantini Art Gallery. Milan. Italy.

The Unmissable by Joanpere Massana. Must Gallery. Lugano. Switzerland.

Between the pier and the air. 100 Kubik Gallery. Cologne. Germany.


Frontier: The Book of Skin. Fort of Bellegarde. Perthus. France

Works from the Water and Air Books. Raffaella De Chirico Contemporany Art. Turin. Italy


Joanpere Massana. Contemporary Spanish Art. Palace of the Park. Diano Marina. Italy


The book of the air. Costantini Art Gallery. Milan. ITALY

Leere, Stein, Papier. Enrique Asensi - Joanpere Massana. 100 Kubik Gallery. Cologne. GERMANY


From the water book: Like puppets. Cervera Regional Museum. SPAIN

From the water book: Like puppets. Urgell Regional Museum. Tárrega. SPAIN

From the water book: Like puppets. Regional Museum of La Noguera. Balaguer. SPAIN

From the water book: Small and medium formats. Kiosk Gallery. Tremp. SPAIN

From the water book: Like puppets. Museum of Lleida. SPAIN

From the water book: Like puppets. Small and medium formats. Espai Cavallers Gallery

31-33. Lleida. SPAIN


The book of water for Martí. Gallery Il Torchio-Costantini Contemporary Art. Milan. ITALY


A book for Martí. Paqui Delgado Gallery. Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. SPAIN.


The book of water. (Part II). Gallery Il Torchio-Costantini Contemporary Art. Milan. SPAIN

The Book of Water. La Bussola Gallery. Cosenza. ITALY

The book of water. Jesi Art Gallery. ITALY


The book of water. Palazzo delle Arti Naples. Naples. ITALY

Mémoire de le territoire (Installation). Large formats. Château d’Haute Serre. Cahors.



The book of trees .. Galeria Il Torchio - Costantini Arte Contemporanea. Milan. ITALY

The book of trees. Carme Espinet Gallery. Barcelona. SPAIN

Joanpere Massana. Ponts Town Hall. SPAIN

The book of trees II. Espai Cavallers Gallery 31-33. Lleida. SPAIN

The book of trees II. Collage Gallery. Lleida. SPAIN


The Book of Clouds (A Book for Jana). Carme Espinet Gallery. Barcelona. SPAIN


A book for Jana. Collage Gallery. Lleida. SPAIN

A book for Jana. Il Torchio Gallery. Milan. ITALY


The book of games. Carme Espinet Gallery. Barcelona. SPAIN

The game book. Il Torchio Gallery. Milan. ITALY


Joanpere Massana. Moon Tree Gallery. Avignon. FRANCE.


Representation and occlusion. Art & Public. Cornellà de Llobregat. SPAIN

Anonymous in the stones (to Sant Pere de Ponts). Institut d´Estudis Ilerdencs.Lérida. SPAIN.

Meters inside the meridian. Installation. French Institute of Barcelona. Barcelona. SPAIN.


Memories of a present past. Ponts Town Hall. SPAIN

Images trapped in the ice. Matisse Gallery. Barcelona. SPAIN

The forms of alchemy. Painting - Sculpture. Gallery The Moon Tree.Uzès. FRANCE.

Anonymous on the stones. Susany Gallery. Vic. SPAIN

Xavi Deu, Joanpere Massana, Jo Milne. Museum of Sant Pol de Mar. Installation. One hundred roots for

One hundred burned trees. Sant Pol de Mar. SPAIN


Where is the up and down? Periphery. Lleida. SPAIN

Plant tautologies. Guinovart space. Agramunt. SPAIN

Jungfrau. Public Art - Can Felipa. Barcelona. SPAIN


Beginnings of form II. Ponts Town Hall.

Dialogue? Joanpere massana - Miquel Gascón. Museo Comarcal del Urgell.Tàrrega. SPAIN


Scribbles - Shape Beginnings. Matisse Gallery. Barcelona. SPAIN


Wolves with lambskin. Installation. Tossa de Mar. SPAIN

Lambs with wolf skin. Installation. Bridges. SPAIN

Wolves with lambskin, lambs with wolfskin. Scribbles - Beginnings of subjects .Painting, sculpture.

College of Surveyors and Architects of Lleida. SPAIN

Wolves with skin ... Drawings and engravings. Periphery. Lleida. SPAIN


Tables. Installation. Canholich. ANDORRA

Tables II. Installation. Faculty of Fine Arts. Barcelona. SPAIN.

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