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Antonio López García

The artist Antonio López García. Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, 1936

Espai Cavallers Gallery


He began training with his uncle, the painter Antonio López Torres.

In 1949 he traveled to Madrid to prepare to enter the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando, where, between 1950 and 1955, he studied painting. In 1955 he obtained a travel grant from the Ministry of National Education with which he traveled to Italy. In 1958 he won the Fine Arts competition in the "Natura Mora" section of the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation, for which he received a scholarship with which he traveled to Greece, and returned to Italy, where he visited Rome, thanks to another scholarship from the Ministry of 'education


After finishing his studies, his production includes elements from different artistic currents such as Cubism or Surrealism, and the latter are the most recurring since they helped him reinforce the narrative character of the works. From the sixties he begins to abandon the dreamlike and gradually develops a more objective approach. His motifs are portraits of people around him, interiors, still lifes and urban landscapes, which serve as backgrounds for still lifes and scenes with figures. His sculptural work develops in parallel with painting and drawing, making reliefs in different materials, as well as his first exempted pieces. Between 1964 and 1969 he taught the Color Preparatory Chair at the School of Fine Arts in San Fernando. Then he took courses on time, dedicating himself completely to artistic creation.


He has participated in numerous group exhibitions and has been the protagonist of several individual shows, among which stand out for their impact those held at the Staempfli Gallery in New York in 1965 and 1968 and at the Marlborough Gallery (New York and London) in 1986. In 1985 he represented Spain at Europalia 85, Brussels, together with the artists Eduardo Chillida and Antoni Tàpies.

In 1990, the film director Víctor Erice filmed the feature El sol del codony, focused on the creative process of Antonio López, which was later awarded the International Critics Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1992, as well as the 'Hugo de Or for best fiction film at the Chicago International Film Festival and with the Best Film of the Decade Award from the Ontario Cinematheque in 1999.


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