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Teresa Nogués

Teresa Nogués Santamaria, Torrent de Cinca (Huska) 1963

Espai Cavallers Gallery.

Sculpture and Painting Studies at the Municipal School of Fine Arts in Lleida.
Photography and engraving courses.

Scholarships: Delivery, Lleida City Council / Ateliers d'Été in Aussillon (France) / Ateljé Stundars in
Sulfur (Finland).

Work at the Valls Museum, Jaume Morera Art Museum, Jesús Mauri Fund at the UdL.
Public sculptures in Vilanova de Bellpuig and La Mitjana de Lleida.

It begins with ephemeral installations in the street in the editions of L'Hospitalet Art 88/89 and the
Biodegradable intervention on Rambla Ferran in Lleida.

Featured exhibitions:
The perimeter of the Earth. Chapel of Sant Roc de Valls.
Victory + Defeat. El Roser room in Lleida.
Building the Contemporary Art collection. Jaume Morera Art Museum in Lleida.
C1. La Panera Art Center.
thirteen hands Institute of Irish Studies.
He also works in the field of education and the assembly and design of exhibitions.


For more information on the artist Teresa Nogués, at Espai Cavallers.

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