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Narcís Gironell

Narcís Gironell, born in 1969 in Beuda (Girona)

Espai Cavallers Gallery.

The artist Narcís Gironell studied at the Llotja School of Design and Art and at the Eina School of Design and Art in Barcelona.

Throughout his career he has worked in different disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, installation.

Gironell is an artist with a long and renowned career who has his own record. It is inspired by pop, advertising iconography, cinematic imagery, urban culture, Japanese aesthetics, folk tales, etc.

The result is a work of happy and bright appearance, a colorful and luxurious universe with a much more ironic, sinister and critical background than it may seem at first glance. Together we could talk about a visual archive of contemporary society with its consumerist tics. His continuous promises, his clichés of perfection and well-being.

All these seductive and contrived images hide, however, the double moral that allows us to read innocence, beauty and perfection as a promise of something more carnal and obscure.


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