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Montserrat Gomis

Montse Gomis, Valls, Tarragona 1954

She is an artist and painter and printmaker. Espai Cavallers Gallery.


Degree in Fine Arts, painting specialty

Sant Jordi Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona

Teacher of intaglio engraving and coordinator of the Graphic Techniques area at the Massana School of Art and Design in Barcelona

Coordinator of the Experimental Printing Seminar Xavier Nogués


From the beginning, his painting is based on two essential components: the relationship with his inner world, that of memories, that of his experiences, and the reference to the world of poetry.


Individual exhibitions

1976 Savings Bank of the Provincial Council. Vendrell (Tarragona)

1981 Amagatotis Art Gallery. Barcelona

1982 Trilogy love. Leonard Gallery. Barcelona

1985 The lacemaker. Sala Montcada Fundación Caixa de Pensions. Barcelona

1987 Path of roses. Caixa de Balears Foundation Art Room. "Sa Nostra". Ibiza

1991 Raise zum Norden. Gallery Hermanns. Munich

1993 Essaouira. Essaouira Art Gallery. Essaouira. morocco

1994 Castle delighted to meet you. Ignacio de Lassaletta Gallery. Barcelona

1999 Vestige. Modern Art Museum of Tarragona

2002 Die Akrobatin. Gallery Lichtblick. berlin

2003 Triptychs. Saint Roc Chapel. valleys Tarragona

2004 Teixinteltemps. Castle of Cardosa. The Cardosa Lleida

2008 Die Zeit flechten.Kunts & Kultur bei Kurtz. Kreuzwertheim-Wiebelbach.

2009 The Cardosa. Espai Cavallers Gallery. Lleida

2011-15 Sensafi. Recent work

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