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The artist Magdalena Morey, was born in 1974 and grew up in the historic university city of Lublin in Poland. He studied art for 10 years at art school and then at university.

Artist Magdalena Morey moved to England in 2005 and in 2008 received her first offer of representation in a permanent gallery. The family moved near Zurich, Switzerland in 2009, which introduced a greater degree of abstraction into their work of art and culminated in a solo exhibition in the former city of Baden in 2014. Magdalena now he lives with his family in the picturesque region of Asturias in northern Spain and is represented by numerous galleries around the world.

He has a great affinity with nature and loves to explore new ideas and places. This influence can be clearly seen in his abstract landscapes. Often these are bold, vibrant, and direct, but many are more complex with a sense of tranquility interwoven in intricate reflections and clouds. His paintings are vibrant and direct with elements of great complexity balanced with a melancholy gesture.

As she tells us:

"I've always been fascinated by techniques with various materials and themes. My passion for art comes from the love to experiment. Exploring languages ​​of color and texture. I love the challenge of choosing a theme and then expressing it. me using these languages.
My favorite tools are the spatula and the brush. I like to use acrylics for their quick drying nature which allows me to quickly build texture and be spontaneous about applying the changes.

As an artist, watercolor and cake techniques are also regularly included in my work.

The gold leaf is an important part of many of my works of art; sse developed from a desire to find ways to represent the impact of the sun on the landscape ".

For more information on the artist Magdalena Morey you can visit the Espai Cavallers Lleida Gallery page.

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