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Lluís Trepat Padró

The artist Lluís Trepat Padró (Tàrrega, 1925)

He is a Catalan painter and engraver.

Espai Cavallers Gallery


His work is essentially identified with the introduction of abstract art to the artistic world of Lleida during the decade of the 50s, a direct consequence of his various stays in Paris and the inherent contact with the 'isms' of the time (informalism, constructivism and abstract expressionism).

Initiated in the visual arts - especially watercolor - under the guidance of Josep Balcells, in 1943 he entered the School of Arts and Crafts in Tàrrega, where he was awarded the second painting prize in year 1947 and worked as an assistant professor some time later. Interested in Chinese ink and colorful drawing, in the late 1940s he focused on the representation of gypsy figures, but trips to Italy (1951), the Netherlands (1952) and Paris brought him into contact with artists such as Joan Vilacasas and his work drifted towards forms of expression in line with the post-war avant-garde. Once he returned, he settled in Lleida, where he gathered around him the entire debate on modernity, understood as a new way of seeing contemporary creation, freer and more subversive. In 1962, at the height of his career, he left Lleida and embarked on a return to figuration with a markedly expressionist accent in Barcelona. In 2020, the Regional Museum of l'Urgell, in Tàrrega, dedicated to him an exhibition of unpublished works made with wax on paper that represent the landscapes of l'Urgell and la Segarra. The last exhibition was this year at Sala Marsà in Tàrrega, with a collection of Chinese ink drawings and watercolors from trips made in the 1980s.


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