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Llorenç Melgosa

Llorenç Melgosa, Lleida, 1954
Espai Cavallers Gallery.

Degree in photography from the Industrial School of Barcelona.

He completed his studies studying Business Management, Marketing and Finance at ESADE and INEM Lleida.

Professionally, he has worked in the field of advertising photography, architecture, publishing, and reproduction of works and documents. He has worked at Photographer, and is director and photographer at Punctum Foto.

At the same time, he has developed his artistic career, in which Coma Estadella and Leandre Cristòfol have been great references. He has carried out numerous projects and exhibitions, including the latest:

"Amazing Amharic" (Public Library of Lleida, 2018)

"Amarcord" (Espai Grau Pujol de Guissona, 2017)

"Detritus" (IEI, Lleida, 2014)

"Excerpts from everyday life" (Museu Morera, 2003).

At the same time he has written and participated in several publications and has been recognized with different prizes.

The works, carried out in 2005, are part of the War Architecture series.

The black and white photographs capture different spaces in Lleida such as Sant Llorenç, the home of Sant Josep, Indíbil and Mandoni or the historic centre, and the transformations caused by deterioration or urban interventions.

One of the photographs was awarded at the 4th Medioambiente Vitoria-Gasteiz Environment Photo Contest.

For more information on the artist Llorenç Melgosa, at Espai Cavallers.

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