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Josep Ripoll

The artist Josep Ripoll, Lleida, 1951

Espai Cavallers Gallery.

From the age of 8 he began to train in fine arts in Lleida, with teachers such as Leandre Cristòfol, Víctor Pérez Pallarès and Albert Coma Estadella, whose disciple and friend he was, and who marked his work. In the 80s he worked in Andorra in graphic arts.

Among his creative activities, he has promoted numerous cultural initiatives, painted murals, and participated in plays, shows, videos and television, illustration for publications, advertising art, interior design, stage set-up and exhibitions, among other activities cultural and artistic. He also poured himself into music, founding the musical groups Crows (1966) and Virtudes Homólogas (1969).

In the didactic field, he has taught graphics classes in Lleida and Barcelona, ​​and visual and plastic education classes at the EMBA in Lleida.

Of the many exhibitions he has held since 1971, the single "Human behavior of some birds, animal behavior of people" (1998), which contained a deep philosophical message, has an important weight in his career. At a collective level, he has exhibited in different spaces in Catalonia.

His style is difficult to label, considered an avant-garde artist, he has worked with everyday materials to create sculptures, mobiles and toy objects; moving in the realm of fantasy, visual poetry and social denunciation, among other elements. His pieces mix a critical content, with irony and a playful sense. The artist gives the same importance to the creative process and assembly of the works as to the finished works.


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