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Jordi Zaldívar Comenges

Jordi Zaldívar Comenges, Barcelona 1959

Degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Sant Jordi in Barcelona


1977 - Prize of painting "Evarist Bassiana".

1981 - Foundation Scholarship - Amigó Cuyás - to travel to London.

1981 - Painting scholarship in the "Palacio de Quintanar" in Segovia.

1981 - Scholarship of of engraving of the Delegation of Segovia.

1986 - First prize of painting City council of Tiana.

1986 - First prize in the young painting competition Sala Parés (Barcelona)

1988 - Prizes painting "Miquel Casablanca" (Barcelona)

1988 - Barcelona City Council Drawing Prize. Artistic Circle of Sant LLuc.

1989 - Painting Prize City council of Mongat. (Barcelona)

Collective exhibitions

Mass-Media Gallery of Barcelona (1981)

Kreisler Gallery of Barcelona (1981)

Comellas Room of Sabadell (1981)

Sala Beaskoa de Barcelona (1982)

Gallery House of the Punch of Tiana (1985)

Cau d'art Room (1988)

Real Circle of Beautiful Arts of Madrid (1989).

Finalist "Artistic Creation Scholarships" from Banesto. Madrid 1989.

B.M.W. Exhibition Circle of Beautiful Arts of Madrid (1989)

Finalist in the "Premi Penagos de dibujo" (1994)

Exhibition "Antonio del Rincón Prize" Diputación de Guadalajara (1993 and 1994).

Finalist "Master Appeals Prize for Illustrated Children's Literature" (1995)

Motra dei Pittori Spagnoli Auditorium CCR-EURATOM Research Center Ispra Varese (1995)

Human Project Jordi Jové, Jordi Zaldivar and Maite Villafranca. Ilerdenc Institute of Studies (2012)

Individual exhibitions

Sala Patronage of Sitge (1986)

Sant Andreu Civic Center (Barcelona 1989)

SANTS Civic Center (Barcelona 1991)

University of Lleida (Lleida 2002)

Coma Estadella Room "Geométrics" (Lleida 2005)

Publications and illustrations

"The Bell of Fire". ISBN: 84 - 7826 - 070 - 6 Ed. The Abbey of Montserrat.

"The Torn Layer." ISBN: 84 - 7826 - 179 - 6 Ed. The Abbey of Montserrat.

"The Lake Monster." ISBN: 84 - 7826 - 381 - 0 Ed. The Abbey of Montserrat.

"50 years of the CAP Prat de la Riba". D.L .: L - 1050 - (Leida2003).

"The Anchor and the Instant." Joan Teixidor Prize for poetry. ISBN: 84 - 8330 - 366 - 3.

Illustrations from the informative magazine of the CEIP camps elisis (Lleida 2007).

Illustrations of -technological dossier- published by the ICE (Institute of Education Sciences) (Lleida 2009).

Teaching task

Since 1991 he has been working as a teaching staff and artistic pedagogue for the Department of Education of the

Government of Catalonia. Collaborates in artistic tasks and projects.

List of works

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