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Jordi V. Pou

Jordi Vicenç Pou i Jové was born and lives in Lleida in 1968.


Espai Cavallers Gallery.


Since the 90s he has been professionally engaged in photography, working in very diverse fields, from press photography to teaching, without ever forgetting the most creative work.

Over the years, most of his works have evolved towards the interaction between two poles of work. On the one hand, the express desire to search for his images in the strictest proximity, in the most intimate and well-known spaces. On the other hand, the uses of photography itself are questioned, looking for its limits, both in the more technical aspect and in the aspect of representation and meaning. His most recent projects investigate the interaction of photography with technological evolution.

His work is part of private and public collections, highlighting the National Photography Collection of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the art fund of the Lleida City Council. His work has been seen nationally and internationally in individual and collective exhibitions. He has exhibited at festivals such as FotoEspaña, Latitudes, Primavera Fotogràfica or Embarrat, and also at art centers such as La Panera in Lleida or Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona.

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