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Jordi Jové

Jordi Jové, Serós, Lleida 1961

He is a Catalan painter

Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona


He is one of the most significant exponents of emerging Lleida artists.

Jové's pictorial work is characterized by stylistic plurality, a consequence of a heterogeneous use of materials and technique in his pictorial act, often expressionistic and marked by

direct action on support.

His work was consolidated from 1987, when Jové began artistic experimentation by incorporating inlays of decontextualized elements into his works, which adopted an object character. This facet was accentuated during the 90s, when the artist became interested in the pictorial process again.


Among his individual exhibitions stand out:

Victory II (Reus Reading Center, 1988)

Moral Action in memory of Ives Klein (IEI, Lleida, 1988)

Sebastià Petit Gallery (Lleida, 1992)

Pictorial Experience (Mataró City Council Exhibition Hall 1995)

Paintings (El Roser Exhibition Hall, Lleida, 1996)

Fundació La Caixa Exhibition Hall, Lleida, 1999


As for group exhibitions, the following stand out:

A sangre fria (together with Albert Bayona, Sebastià Petit, Lleida, 1989)

Witness of a generation of plastic artists (Foix and Ariège Cultural Development Center (Foix France, 1990)

Ferma Gallery (La Caixa Foundation, Lleida 1991)

Plot-Drama (Casal de Joventut Republicana, Lleida, 1992)

Coma Estadella (Sebastià Petit, Lleida, 1992); Art Frankfurt (Sebastià Petit Gallery, Lleida, Frankfurt, 1993)

Illuminated landscapes (Together with A. Bayona and G. Iglesias, Cultural Center of La Caixa, Lleida, 1996)

The Atmosphere of a Hall (La Caixa Cultural Centre, Lleida, 1996).


Awards and recognitions

1982: 1st. Painting Award at the National Plastic Arts Contest

1982: Accèssit Pas-Art de Zaragoza

List of works

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