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Jaume Minguell Miret

Jaume Minguell Miret, Tàrrega (Lleida), 1922

He was a Catalan artist, member of the Cogul Group.

Espai Cavallers Gallery


The work of Jaume Minguell, like that of Lluís Trepat, is fully part of the pictorial tradition that comes from Tàrrega. If we leave aside his prestigious works in the field of mural painting - which he embodied in numerous religious and civil buildings from 1954 to the beginning of the 80s - the constants of this tradition originating in the capital of l'Urgell can be defined through the shaping of the landscape, with impressionistic and fundamentally urban roots, and still life.

From these foundations, his painting will gradually evolve towards a balanced expressionism, sometimes even close to symbolism, which gives a special prominence to the large surfaces of color that fill spaces perfectly delimited by the drawing, defined in through thick black lines that also serve to clearly structure the composition.

In the midst of this evolution, Jaume Minguell opened a hiatus in 1963 when, picking up the postulates of informalism that Lluís Trepat had introduced in Lleida at the end of the 1950s, he entered the world of abstraction and integrated, in 1964, in the Cogul Group. For Minguell, however, this stage was very short, a hiatus of formal experimentation that served him to return, in a fully conscious manner, to expressionist figuration, in a similar terrain where he had previously left it.


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