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Irene Cruz

The artist Irene Cruz, Madrid.1987. Irene is a photographer, cinematographer and video artist. Cavaliers Space.

He has lived and worked in Berlin since 2013.

After graduating from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with a double degree in Advertising and Public Relations, and Audiovisual Communication, he studied an international master's degree EFTI (International School of Photography and Cinema), specializing in Conceptual Photography and Artistic Creation. He then took a course in film narrative lighting (cinematography) thanks to a scholarship.

Light is, in fact, an important element of Irene Cruz's work, leading her to explore and experience it, especially in the countries of northern Europe.


He has already held more than 500 exhibitions of photography, video art and video installations around the world (highlighting places such as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the BBAA circle, IFEMA, CEART or the Palais de Cibeles in Madrid, KunstHalle or the Deutsche Oper of Berlin, Project Art Space of New York, the MUA of Alicante or the Da2 of Salamanca).

He has also participated in various fairs such as ARCO or Art Madrid, Positions (Berlin), Art Basel, Photo Basel, etc. He has been the image of several photography festivals (such as La Quatrieme Image in Paris, Bilboargazki in Bilbao, Revela). 't in Barcelona or Segoviafoto).

Irene has won several important prizes such as the Photo-Detail of the Banco Santander Foundation in 2010, the second AENA Foundation Photography Prize, the first prize of the II CFC-Iberdrola Photography Competition in 2014 and the 2014 Videoarte Prize to the Best Piece of the international. platform. He recently won a scholarship for a major solo exhibition (RGB) in Madrid at the CEART Museum (Room B).

Among her mentors is Isabel Muñoz (she was her assistant in 2018/2019 on her travels to Japan). Eduardo Rodríguez Merchán (UCM Professor) and Venancio Blanco (Artist, Sculptor).

For more information on the artist Irene Cruz, in the Espai Cavallers gallery.

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