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Guillem Viladot i Puig

The artist Guillem Viladot i Puig (Agramunt 1922 – Barcelona 1999)

Espai Cavallers Gallery


In 1949 he graduated in pharmacy, settled in Agramunt and joined his father's pharmacy. In 1950 he fell ill and, convalescing, wrote "Temps d´Estrena" which was published in 1959, starting a series of novels that defined his myth of Riella: "Els infantas de Riella" (1965), "Aril Down"(1966), "La gent i el vent"(1967), "The Root of Panic"(1970), "La Cendra"(1972), or "Memòria de Riella" (1974).

He was a multifaceted writer and creator who celebrated and excelled in multiple artistic languages: poetic, literary, experimental, journalistic or plastic, to name a handful.

He was the first publisher of a book of experimental poetry in Spain, the first to publish an anthology of concrete poetry, he participated in the first exhibition of Concrete poetry held in Catalonia and, at the end of the nineties, he completed the works of the first House of visual poetry in the world. Parallel to his creations of experimental poetry, he never stopped writing novels, books of discursive poetry, youth narrative and opinion articles for various media. He always combined all the artistic and cultural languages with his profession as a pharmacist. This simultaneity of voices that Viladot had turned him into a man who, driven by curiosity and overflowing creativity, shunned categorisations, trends and fashions, turning his work into a unique testimony of a sensitive, restless and rooted mind deep down, where there is always room.

Parallel to the discursive work, in 1959 he wrote "Metaplasmes", and in 1960 "IA_URT" which began his experiences as a Concrete Poet, destructuring the alphabetic and linguistic codes, becoming a precursor of Concrete Poetry in Spain , and the first publisher of a book of Visual Poetry in the State, with the work "Estrisps" that he published in Agramunt in 1964, and with the "Nou plast-poemes" from 1965 in the collection "Lo. Sparrow” that he creates. The appearance in 1971 of the book "T/47" would also mean the first example of a poetic or visual edition in a commercially distributed pocket book. In 1971 he participated in the first exhibition of Concrete Poetry in Catalonia, at the "Petite Galerie" in Lleida, together with Joan Brossa and Josep Iglésias del Marquet.


At the end of the seventies he became interested in psychoanalysis, which he integrated into his essays with novels such as "Ricard" (1977), "The law of stone and other stories" (1979), "L'amo" (1982 ), "Horizontal Speech" (1982), "Na Nona Memorial" (1983), or "Citizen 00000000001" (1989). These works precede the cycle of historical novels of psychological relevance, such as "Joana" (1991) or "Carles" (1994), and the collections of his complete poetry, collected in five volumes, as well as his last novels .les, "Els Ulls" (1999), "Les vellicositats" (1999), "Ruth" (2000) and "L'Energia" (2001).

During the nineties, he opened the buildings of "Lo Pardal" in Agramunt, a house dedicated to Visual Poetry, which today houses the Guillem Viladot Private Foundation, dedicated to preserving his memory.

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