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Ferran Garcia Laviña

Ferran Garcia Laviña, Lleida, 1953

Espai Cavallers Gallery.

He is a self-taught painter. He worked with Juli Miró at the Novel Studio in 1970.

In 1972 it became known through the V Contest-Exposition of the city of Mollerussa. From then on, he participated in different group exhibitions, with 1978 being his period of greatest activity. He also held a solo exhibition at the Mykonos gallery (1980).

He was a pioneer in the artistic transition movements of Lleida.

From 1985 he concentrated his activity in the Periferi-Art workshop and exhibition hall, where he sponsored several exhibitions, many of them by young artists with an avant-garde tendency. In this sense, his work promoting artists has been highlighted.

His style is between figurative impressionism and abstraction, prioritizing color and tending to simplify the image.


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