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Carme Molet

Carme Molet Chicot

Espai Cavallers Gallery


Degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona.

PhD from the UB (Faculty of Fine Arts).

Postgraduate degree in Museums and Education from the UB.

Postgraduate Specialist in University teaching by the UdL.


In his professional career, he highlights the development, coordination and implementation of educational projects in Art Museums and institutional exhibition halls (15 years). She has served as director at the Trama and Imagina Art Schools. From 1988 to 2008, the ICE of the UdL taught Visual and Plastic Education Trainer courses.

She is the author of two books on education and museums (Jaume Morera Art Museum: 1997 and 2005); co-author in others (Peter Lang (2015), McGraw-Hill/Interamericana (2014), Vision (2014); and articles on art and education in the following publications: Observar (2018), Intercambio/Échange (2018), Oxímora (2015), Ehquidad (2015); Chile: Temas de Educación (2015); Athenea Digital (2014); Hermus (2014);  Esbrina-Ub (2014); Chile: Esteka (2012); Ressò de Ponent (2009, 1999) , 1998); Arts (2006, 2005, 2001); Bon Art (2004); Liceu (2003, 1997); Talp Club, (1999), among others. Research grant (2008) from Ajuntament de Lleida for research : Gender politics in Lleidatà art. As a visual arts producer, she has held 7 individual exhibitions and participated in 15 group exhibitions. From 2008 to the present she is a professor at the University of Lleida, where he teaches Art Education classes at the FEPTS.


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