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Carles Alberdi

Carles Alberdi is an illustrator born in Lleida.

Espai Cavallers Gallery.

Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.


He has worked as a teacher at the School of Art and Design in Tarragona and the EAD in Reus.

His illustrations of a more commercial nature are found in advertising, in textbooks and in children's stories, they are drawings of synthesized lines, understandable and often humorous.

On a more personal side, Carles Alberdi has created different collections with works for various exhibitions or publications, such as "Pors en Blau", "Pors en vermell", "L'Inseminador", "Classy&Fab" or the last " Sunny”; all of them with a more poetic will, with trembling strokes and more realistic shapes.

Each collection has a narrative thread to discover that responds to the concerns of different moments in the author's life.


For more information on the illustrator Carles Alberdi at Galeria Espai Cavallers.

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