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Benjamí Tous (Almacelles, 1949) is a versatile painter, a child who retains his innocence, imagination and ability to create fantastic worlds. Espai Cavallers Gallery.

She is a true creative source, who has cultivated both large format painting and comics. His way of understanding art is like a game, and the records are so many, that every day of the week he paints from a different personality and, with each one, works different styles, different colors and even signs the paintings with different typographies.

It does not seek perfection but creativity in order to give a sense of plot to what you see and hear.

An artistic, sought-after schizophrenia that allows you to study all possible styles, from the purest abstract to figurative watercolor. As an illustrator, Benjamí continues to publish his character Eloi in the magazine Nova Tàrrega, since 1971, and for a whole year, he published a daily strip, also by Eloi, in the Diario de Lleida.

He has also illustrated, among others, the book by the ornithologist Xavier Aixalà Los Ocells de les terres de Ponent (ed. Dilagro, 1987) and L'Escenari i la vida dels somnis, by the writer Josep M. Madern, (1998 and 2007, ed Nathan) .r my research and to find new opportunities for my PhD students.


"My passion for painting connected with my own life, always looking for beauty,
pleasure and fun. Value the painting for what it is, rather than for what it represents.

Loyal student of Hernandez Pijuan, I always look for the simplicity of the line,
the expression of the gesture and the symbolism of color. Fan of Frida Kahlo, com of
Twomly, by Giotto and Banksy; I use the characters from my own comic, L
Eloi, publishing it in a Tarrega medium for over 40 years, in a way
fresh and pictorial; as pop artists would do, with Michelin icons and
geometric elements. "

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