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The artist Anna Bresoli, was born in Lleida in 1979. Espai Cavallers Gallery

Originally from Lleida (Spain), Anna Bresolí lives and works in Berlin.

A graduate in sound and image, she specializes in creative and digital photography.

He began his career in journalism and worked for various Spanish magazines and newspapers, as well as for the Spanish news agency "Agencia EFE" in New York.

Later, she worked as an artistic director in advertising. Co-founding a group of photographers "Quado15", he develops various projects such as "Everyday life of a propped memory" or "the 3R? S".

Her work has been published in magazines such as Revista Estilografica, Literature Magazine, Bultra, Area zinc (issue 08), Area Zinc Art Magazine (7th issue), Puzzle TGA (24th issue), Jo Donna, La Revista del Matí, INAG Magazine, Inkult Magazine and Lamono. Personal exhibitions extend internationally, both in Barcelona and Berlin.

Artist Anna Bresoli began photographing a Zenit camera given to her by her father when she was 16 years old. Since then, her passion for artistic photography and also for music have coexisted to express the way this Catalan sees and feels the world around us.

More than references, my inspiration comes from philosophers, poets or thinkers; they are the ones who move this whole image-generating circuit. Among them: Jung, Nietzsche, Joan Margarit, Margaritte Duras, Jean Gebser, Modigliani, Egon Schiele, etc.

What inspires me the most is the people around me, people who are passionate about what they are doing. I am fascinated to perceive this kind of emotion near me. Just as I am inspired by my brother Jordi Bresoli or the painter Joan Llaneras… people I have close by and who live his work intensely.

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